Easing Stress During the Holidays

Saturday, November 24, 2018 @ 9am

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Molly Williams,
Life Coach
Yoga & Meditation Instructor
Reiki Master

Molly Williams is a professional life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and Reiki Master based in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Her specialty is creating experiences that draw individuals inward, a process she calls ‘deep listening’. As individuals connect to a quiet calm within, they emerge in their outer lives with a greater sense of peace and balance. From this place, healthy change in people’s outer worlds becomes possible.

Molly previously spent 23 years working for nonprofit organizations in leadership positions. Today, she harnesses her vast experience, education, and intuitive abilities to offer life-changing programs for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

In January 2018, Molly opened a wellness collaborative in Salem, Massachusetts called the Nourishing Life Center. She works with private clients; holds small group classes and workshops; teaches weekly yoga and meditation classes at local yoga studios; and has developed a traveling program called “Healthy Body & Mind at Work” to bring the best, most simple form of yoga and meditation into the workplace.

To receive Molly’s free guided meditations, visit her website at www.mollywill.com/meditations.